Hi all!

Lately, I've noticed that while it's easy to create workflows with PowerWF, integrating them with Facebook is a bit of a problem. Well, actually a huge problem. So I'm going to revamp our core ideas, in order to achieve the final solution.

  • PowerWF support is being discontinued. We're now going to look at asynchronous workflows written in F# only.
  • Optimizing these workflows by tweaking the underlying MSIL code is of greater importance now.
  • I've been using Mercurial, and I rather like the source control setup I've built. I'm not starting a flame war - all I'm saying is that I find Mercurial more..intuitive. So, I'll be changing the project's source control to Mercurial, a change that will be in effect with the next code release.

I will be removing the releases which were released in the past few months. There's no point having them there, with the entire project turning around.


I'll be updating all the documentation in the next few days.

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