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Welcome to the Web and Mobile Factory!

Earlier, this project was about using workflows, to interact with the social network. However, we've broadened - rather, changed tactics. We are basically a small start-up, who now specialize in writing apps, both web and mobile, using a variety of tools and technologies, for a myriad variety of uses. Our aim is to provide world-class web and mobile app engineering services to middle-sized businesses, as well as governmental and non-profit organizations.

We're still working on our "corporate" website - it shouldn't take more than a a week or so. We're also revamping our Codeplex site - this is where we will share our open-source work with you, as well as our experiences while writing code for the web and mobile platforms. Think of it as our sandbox - a place where you guys give shape to our ideas. The next few days should see a lot of change, so stay tuned!




CTO, The Web and Mobile Factory.


PS - This might not sound nice, but when I say we're revamping, that also means everything we worked on previously, goes into the recycle bin. Sorry!

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